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Ah, Facebook…

Such a pain in the rear, sometimes.

Breaking my traditional Thursday post to post today instead.

Recently, I mentioned that Facebook only wants to “serve” my posts to about 4 of my followers.  I learned recently that I could “track” when my followers are online, and when to update.  *throws hands in the air* I give up!

It appears as though most people are looking at their feed at around 9pm, Eastern Time.  It’s not that it’s a pain, since that’s just when the majority of my followers are around, but it kind of throws off my intent to post my “meaty” content around 10:30am/2:30pm.

At this point I don’t know when to post what, since I’m not sure what posts go where, and to who.

As I’d said in my post about rocks, I’m still going to post them at 2:30pm (Eastern Time) once I have the new set fully photographed.  The weather is not cooperating with me, by being cloudy when I have time to photograph, but absolutely clear and sunny when I’m NOT able to photograph.  This seems to be a recurring theme with me, sadly, and while I could use a light-box, I feel that no light beats clear sunlight, especially for such things as natural stone or sparkly crystal.

They say good things come to those who wait, but I’m impatient!