Dream Weaver Jewelry (and more!)

Just an artist making her way.

Galleries and Shops

I can be found in many places.

Still under construction, but nearly all the content pages are up, and more will always be added as time and space permit!
Kalla’s Domain
My home site, including some information about me, some of my other activities and hobbies, and other general stuff.
Dream Weaver Jewelry (and more!)
Home of Dream Weaver Jewelry (and more!), includes galleries of past and present work, works in progress, and links of where to purchase individual works.

I have a Facebook Page, located at Dream Weaver Jewelry (and more!)
Here, I post many things, hawk my wares when I post them to shops, update my galleries, post photos, and share links to interesting articles, and of course, share my blog when I update it.

I’ve been a deviant for several years, having at one time been an aspiring artist when it came to pencil sketches, digital art, and for a time, I toyed with the idea of painting, as my late father did.
I have posted a few things, rarely, about those pencil sketches and my learning process, and posted some of my favorite fan-fiction that I had written, having once wanted to be a novelist (something I have not yet quite given up).
Now, my gallery there is dedicated mostly to my jewelry, the artisan work I do being far more interesting.
My deviantArt page can be located at kallamoon on deviantArt

Yes, I even Tweet.  The majority of my Tweets come from my Facebook page, but on rare occasion, I do have other things to say.
My Twitter is found at Geri Hine (dreamweaverkal) on Twitter

Pinterest is something new that I have discovered, and I have not yet gotten into the habit of pinning everything I love – yet.  This is always in development!
My Pinterest boards can be found at Geri Hine (dreamweaverkal) on Pinterest

And of course, I can be found in my various shops.

Dream Weaver Jewelry (and more!) on Zibbet

Dream Weaver Jewelry (and more!) on GoodSmiths
Another startup, but could use a little more promotional love!

Dream Weaver Jewelry (and more!) on MadeItMyself
Note: MadeItMyself has passed the time of “startup” as it was when I started there.  Many of the site’s bugs are still happening and functionality has been set aside in favor of promotion.  When my items expire there, I will no longer post there, until the site’s functionality has been addressed.
I will still post requests there for those who have an account there and do not wish to make one elsewhere.

Dream Weaver Jewelry (and more!) on Etsy
*** Note:  Due to Etsy’s decision that “Handmade” no longer means “designed, planned, created and shipped by the creator” and instead is allowing outside manufacturing and drop-shipping (which in my dictionary, does not mean “handmade”), after the 2013 Winter Holiday Season, I will no longer post new items to Etsy.
I will still accept requests from those who do not wish to create an account elsewhere, but no more of my current and new work will grace Etsy’s pages, not even for seasonal work.

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