Dream Weaver Jewelry (and more!)

Just an artist making her way.

About My Blog

This blog of mine, had originally begun to highlight my work, and to put my story out to the world.

One day, in a combination of others’ posts, some online browsing, and the memories of things said to me made me realize that if I’m going to have a blog, I’m going to have it mean something.

I now dedicate my blog, not only to my jewelry, but also to educating buyers to what we have all been brainwashed to think over the years.

Industrialization is good. Mass-production is good. Assembly lines are good.  Don’t get me wrong, they all have their place.

However, when I was growing up, the things we had were QUALITY items.  They didn’t break on the first use. They didn’t fall apart within a week.  They didn’t deteriorate, didn’t make us sick, and some of the things that my parents purchased when they first married are still things in my room, or in my sisters’ homes now, still just as beautiful, still just as sturdy, and needing little to no repair or maintenance to keep them that way!

Now, I can only speak for the USA when I say this, but nowadays, you can’t find as much of that.  We have become a disposable society.  Use it once, throw it away; it was junk anyway.
I think this needs to be turned back.  Not just for us, but for the environment as well.

Now, when people see hand-crafted, quality items on display or for sale, they mock them. “I can get this cheaper at a store, why would you charge so much for this homemade junk?”  Meanwhile that “homemade junk” would probably last for many years after the “cheaper” store-bought item.

Hand-crafters are rising.  We bring quality back to the items we make, and though we often severely short ourselves on the price tag, we offer quality, not necessarily quantity.  We put our hearts and souls into the items we offer for sale.
We don’t outsource to other countries or authorize the use of cheaper, lower quality materials to make a bottom line, or to increase profits while brainwashing the populace that our work is quality, when it isn’t!

This is what this blog is about.  I highlight people, and the crafts they create.  I remind buyers that these people, these individuals, use their own two hands.  They are human, not machines.

And the things they make are not junk.

The “use it once, throw it away; it was junk anyway” mentality needs to stop.  Quality needs to return.

I will Weave the Dreams of those who want to change it all, and present it to you.

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