Dream Weaver Jewelry (and more!)

Just an artist making her way.

About Me

Greetings, and thank you for visiting my “About Me” page!

My name is Geri Hine.  I have been known as “Dream Weaver” for a very long time, since I was a teenager, in fact.  Over the years, and noticing that “Dream Weaver” is very popular as a shop or trade name, this has slowly morphed and developed into “Dream Weaver Jewelry (and more!)”.  When I attend conventions, or you see me online, this is probably what you will see.

I began making jewelry when I was about 15.  It wasn’t sophisticated in any sense of the word.  Seed beads were my first medium, string my first stringing material. I made chains, mainly.  Chains for necklaces, bracelets, anklets, multi-strand and single.  After a time, I added semi-precious chips to this work.  I began using better string.  I learned how to make “Peace Sign” earrings, which for a while was the most sophisticated thing I had.

When I discovered eye-pins, learned to clip and shape them to make links, it opened my eyes to many possibilities.  Eye-pins and head-pins developed into linked necklaces, bracelets and anklets, and added earrings of many kinds!  Eye-pins slowly turned into “wire”.  “Wire” slowly became wire-work, and wire-wrapping.  Semi-precious stone chips slowly turned to shapes.

“Wire” soon became “Sterling Silver Wire”, and added “Silver-plated Wire”.  The work became more sophisticated.  The Semi-Precious stones slowly turned to Swarovski Crystal.  And even now, my work continues to develop.

It actually all began when I purchased a $15 anklet when I was around 15-16, which fell apart before I could wear it.  Mom and I analyzed it, and I realized that it was just seed-sized coral beads, strung on string, and the breakage was due to the clasps, which were not attached right.  I remade the anklet, and still wear it to this day, many many years later.  My brain jumped to “If this cost $15, why can’t I make and sell jewelry too? The work I did to repair it is better quality than the original purchased item!”

And so I was off, unsuccessful for a time, until my work updated to the wire and Swarovski crystal.  And here I stand, trying to make a name for myself in a highly competitive field of work, saving up to one day become a real Small Business.

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